Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hello Passersby to this site - and a hearty welcome/thank you for discovering it!! A few years have passed since the Hill Climb was declared "not happening," but I see that, occasionally, visitors stop by. What a great sign, first that the blog continues to exist (although it's woefully unattended - then again, no event, no real point, right?) and second, that people perhaps would like to see the hill climb resurrected. Norquay's out (for us, anyway) but maybe we can find another venue. I wonder if the Tour of Alberta organizers have a hill climb planned? If it's here, in the Park, I shall express my dismay...grrrrrrr...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sad news....

Hi All,
Andy and I have downer news, namely, the Mt. Norquay Hill Climb is: kaput! Parks Canada has designated the wonderful, winding venue "for nature only" - no organized sporting events, whatsoever - and that means "us."

Thank you for supporting the Hill Climb's many years of existence. We know it was a race that people quite looked forward to: the finale of the road season. Alas...'tis no more.

Perhaps we'll have something figured out next year for the Hill Climb Championship. Just in tune in once in a while. Let's keep our


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now...Start Training...The Hill Climb date is set!!

With only 277 days to go, it's time to reactivate this blog. Stay tuned for more miscellaneous (and undoubtedly nonsensical) info, details and, of course, trivia about the Norquay Hill Climb and other hill climbs from around the world.

To get things rolling, here's a unique view of the 2009 Records...

If you need a nudge to get your training going...or even to amp it up a notch or two, check out the sites on the right, under Need a Training Nudge.

Welcome back!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Keep checking back...

we'll be starting the clock in anticipation of next year's race!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

All over...but the celebrating!! Records fall at Mt. Norquay

Race report from Andy Holmwood, with photos courtesy of Mark Kay

A combination of pristine new asphalt and warm, calm weather led to fast times up the Mt. Norquay Road on Sunday (September 13th). Records, kept since 1991, were broken in four categories on the 5.4 kilometre course: Samuel Beaudoin of Edmonton’s Juventus club broke the record for Under-15 Men for the second consecutive year, setting a new mark of 15 minutes, 28 seconds, over one minute faster than his 2008 ride. Other records fell in the Masters’ categories where three Calgary riders set new best times. Sonia Utting put up a new best time in the Master Women 30 – 39 category, Mitch Klassen did likewise in the Master Men 40 – 49 category, and Pat Dodge (The Bike Shop) improved on the record in the Master Men 50 – 59 group.

Brian Martin, Gold medalist in paralympic, having way, way too much fun! Most inspiring!!

Team H&R Block-Kona's Chris McNeil racing hard and steady to the top, ultimately earning a Bronze medal in Open Men.

Men and Women in the elite categories riders were able to crack the top-ten fastest times list; however records, held by Matt Anand and Danelle Kabush respectively, were not to be challenged. Edmonton’s Cody Canning (ERTC/Revolution Cycle) almost broke the 13-minute barrier – a feat not done since 1998 – with a winning time of 13:04, while Calgary’s Nik Vogler won the women’s competition with a time of 16:18, good for 10th place on the all-time list.

ERTC/Redbike's Cody Canning, who went on to win the gold medal for Open Men, and secure a position in the Top Ten Men results with his finishing time of just over 13 minutes. Congratulations, Cody!Gideon Krishtalka, from Team H&R Block-Kona, cruising up the slope and ultimately finishing with both a Silver Medal in Open Men and a place in the Top Ten Men results. Great job, Gideon.

Nik Vogler navigating the curves, and setting pace to win a Gold medal in Open Women.

Heather Kay, from ERTC/Redbike, enroute to the top, and a Silver Medal in Open Women. Heather has had a strong, solid road season, capping it off with this noteworthy accomplishment. Awesome job, Heather!!

Local Rundle Mountain Cycling Club members were well represented on the podium. Junior riders Andrew Spahr and Sean Qi finished first and second, respectively, while Darren Anderson continued his fine season, placing third in Category 3. The event was hosted by the Rundle Mountain Cycling Club. Full results can be found here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hill Climb Registration is now open!!

Finally, the "reality" of the Mt. Norquay Provincial Championship Hill Climb is but a few sleeps away! The technical guide is here, and registration is here.

See you on Sunday, between 9 and 10:15 at Banff High School...and after that, again at the start line...and at the Medal presentations, back at the school.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mt. Norquay Sticky Note Wall

Another "feature" added to the Mt. Norquay Hill Climb blog: the STICKY NOTE WALL!

Leave us a sticky note to let us know you "arrived" at our site. You can leave your note on the wall to the right....or you can go "big screen," here

Looking forward to hearing from you!!